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Online Workshop

On-Camera Kinesics with Christianne Klein ©

Virtual Class with Christianne

This one hour version of our popular on-camera kinesics course is perfect for those with limited time and/or budget.


Our standard on-camera kinesics course for individuals and teams is 3-4 hours with follow-ups.  This abridged one-time class gives you a good foundation to build your confidence and understanding of body language for on-camera and video conferencing.  


Perfect for remote workers, hosts, or presenters. 

Email for upcoming class dates/times.

Video Blogger

Comprehensive On-Camera Kinesics
with Christianne Klein 

Private Virtual or On-Site Coaching

Our popular 3-4 hour long one-on-one workshop that gives you an A to Z guide of on-camera kinesics and body language.  Perfect for remote workers, executives, hosts, and presenters.  


You'll learn how to exude confidence and authority, the psychology of on-camera body language, lighting, best camera angles for you, tips and tricks, what to avoid, how to get a leg up on the competition, and much much more.  


This is a comprehensive and transformational workshop that gives you the tools today to change your on-camera presence tomorrow.  


Includes one private follow-up to fine tune your skills. 

To book a team workshop or in-person training, please email

$ 1500
Reporters interviewing man

Comprehensive Media Training

Private Virtual or On-Site Training

Our 3-4 hour long private media training workshop.  


Training may include pitch creation and writing, building a media strategy, personalized outreach, a guide to crisis communications, how to pivot and deal with difficult or hostile questions, how to frame a message for every media situation, how to deal with technical snafus, when to use social media to skip the media, how to build reporter relationships, the differences in media (TV, web, online, podcasts, radio, etc.), how to modify your messaging for different mediums and live versus taped interviews, handling issues out of your control, and much much more.  

For team workshop or in-person training information and pricing, please email

$ 1500
Talk Show

On-Camera Kinesics AND Media Training

Private Virtual or On-Site Training

You'll receive both of our popular and transformational trainings over 2 three hour sessions.  


Includes an on-camera private follow-up for additional guidance and implementation.  $2500 per person- a $500 value. 

To book team workshops or in-person training, please email

$ 2500
Virtual Team Meeting

Team Coaching / Consulting

Private Virtual or On-Site Training

For virtual or in-person Team Media Training or Team On-Camera Kinesics Training pricing and availability, please email

Contact for Pricing

All Prices above include One-on-One Private Coaching, For Team and On-Site Trainings, please email

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