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We help you identify your needs and tailor a media strategy and pitch to match the current media landscape and news cycle.  Services may include pitch creation and writing, press release writing and distribution, personalized and targeted pitching to major news organizations, TV, online, podcast, radio, and local news media.  May include crisis communications training, political strategy, and brand development. 



Emmy® and Edward R. Murrow award-winning national TV Host and news anchor, Christianne Klein, shares exclusive tips, tricks, and training from more than 20 years in the entertainment and news industry. A graduate of Wellesley College and the Executive Leadership Programme at University of Oxford: Saïd Business School, she combines her on-camera knowledge, media expertise, and business acumen to help YOU put your best foot forward in this new world.  This is personalized, one-on-one training unlike any other.

On-Camera Master Class: How to Achieve Real Success in a Virtual World

Politics is a chess game, and you want a master.  Short and long term communications and political strategy tailored to your needs.  

Media Training Master Class: How to Communicate with the Masses

Media Strategy & Press Placement

You never expected to be "on-camera" for your job, but now Zoom and FaceTime are part of life.  You may be an expert in your field, but now you need on-camera skills and techniques to be your best and feel confident, authentic, and successful.  Whether you're an executive, frequent media guest, business owner, selling products on social media, getting ready for a presentation or conference, or just working from home and want a leg up on the competition, Christianne is the expert those in the know turn to for help. 


From lighting and background, to camera placement, appearance, and projecting confidence, Christianne shares must-know tips and tricks to be your best authentic self, look and feel professional, and get ahead in this new world.


Christianne shares exclusive on-camera secrets and helps you understand the psychological motives behind them. This unique, tailored curriculum promises to strengthen and electrify your virtual persona at work and in your personal life.  

A crisis hits when you least expect it.  Mistakes happen.  But HOW you address the crisis could make or break you or your business.  We can help you navigate the crisis and find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Political Strategy

Crisis Communications

Press Relations

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How do you attract press coverage?  How can I make myself stand out from the crowd?  With unparalleled access to national and local media, reporters, and anchors, we can help you develop and spread your message.

Presentation Coaching

Christianne helps guide and coach you for every type of interview and interaction with the press.   Learn how to anticipate and navigate difficult questions, prepare for technical snafus,  stay on message, have your voice heard, and enjoy a successful media interview or press tour. 


Media training is absolutely essential to communicate your message effectively and create a successful relationship with the press.  

If you plan on talking to the Media (or hope to) this is training you need to know to avoid being a “one and done” interview subject. 

One-on-one personalized coaching for your next presentation or event.  Learn easy tips to feel and look confident, and communicate succinctly and with purpose.

Media Production

On-Camera + Media Training Master Classes

Branding & Advertising

From TV ads to packages, voiceovers, radio and more, we help develop your message and create shareable content to get you or your product the attention it deserves. 

Your brand is your identity. It is how the public perceives and defines you. If that perception is 

different than your vision and intent, we can help you get into alignment through a comprehensive earned and paid media strategy.

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